My Disney College Program timeline | DCP Fall 2014

My DCP timeline-1

February 8th 2014

Submitted online application &
completed web-based interview

February 9th 2014

Passed web-based interview &
scheduled phone interview

February 20th 2014

Completed phone interview
*Took approx. 25 minutes

March 4th 2014

Received ‘thank you for your interest’ e-mail
AKA was “pended”

March 14th 2014

Offered role – Merchandise
then accepted role, selected my program start date
& paid program fees ($300 at the time)


June 18th 2014

Received e-mail with information
regarding The Disney Look

July 3rd 2014

Received education opportunities e-mail
& Sign up for two classes:
1) Exploring Disney Heritage
2) Exploring Guest Service

July 18th 2014

Completed onboarding/new hire forms

August 8th 2014

Put roommate(s) & apartment requests into DORMS

August 18th 2014

Check-in to DCP at 8:30am

Thank you all so much for sticking with me throughout this longgg countdown! I’m all checked in and settled in so look out for tons of Walt Disney World and Disney College Program specific posts during the next 5 months! I’ll detail my first week of the program in another post within the next few days so be sure to check back for that but until then… Have a magical day!


Disclaimer: This blog is not a Walt Disney Company affiliate.
My thoughts and feelings do not represent those of the Walt Disney Company.

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