Pre DCP Check-In Trip | August 14th – August 17th


Thursday August 14th 2014

After a long 18 hour drive from Illinois my mom, step-dad and I finally made it to the ever magical Walt Disney World. We arrived at Disney’s Pop Century Resort at 7am to check-in for our pre Disney College Program check-in trip. We all have annual passes so we decided to put those to good use and play at the parks for a few days before I checked into the college program on Monday. After taking a quick nap in our room we got ready and headed straight for an afternoon/evening at Hollywood Studios for the Frozen Summer Fun event. Which by the way… has a fireworks show that (in my opinion) gives the ever popular Wishes a run for its money!!! If you have a chance to visit before the Frozen festivities end, it’s definitely something to take advantage of!

I originally wasn’t sure if we’d be up for going to the park the same day we arrived but Hollywood Studios is my second favorite park (next to Magic Kingdom of course) so I decided to add on fast pass + options just in case. We went on a couple of rides and into a few shops then naturally got extremely hungry as one does after sitting in a car for almost an entire day. We weren’t too sure of what we wanted to eat because Mama Melrose is our go-to there but since it was last minute we weren’t sure if we’d get in. We randomly walked past the Si-Fi Dine-In Theater and decided to see if they had any open tables which lucky for us they did! I got the buffalo popcorn chicken and fries which were both delicious but honestly, even if they weren’t I’d still recommend going there because the whole theming of the restaurant is just perfection. After dinner we went on a few more rides then my mom left my step-dad and I who toughed it out through the fatigue to watch the Frozen firework show. Which again, are AMAZING and well worth staying up even though we were exhausted! Arguably even more amazing was that right after the fireworks we walked straight to the bus stop, got straight on the bus AND we even got to sit on the way back. It was a great first day in Florida.


Friday, August 15th 2014

The next day we headed to Epcot which was just as perfect as when I left it in June. The most exciting part of our EPCOT day was we tried Garden Grill for the first time. The food included healthier options which we appreciated after an entire day of crap food on the road. Everything at Garden Grill is served family style but is bottomless so you’re able to get more of whatever you’d like. The restaurant itself is cool enough because it spins, yes… the floor actually spins! It took us the entire meal (appetizer, dinner and dessert) to make an entire 360 degree turn because it moves veryyy slowly. And did I mention it’s also a character meal?! As if it wasn’t amazing enough! I finallyyyyy got to meet Chip and Dale while also seeing my old pals Mickey and Pluto. Overall, I highly recommend making reservations at Garden Grill if you’re into Character Meals but also healthier food options!


Saturday, August 16th 2014

On Saturday we started off the day by doing one my favorite things to do while at Walt Disney World which is going to Magic Kingdom before park open. If you’re ever going to make reservation at either the Crystal Palace or at Cinderella’s Royal Table I highlyyy recommend doing it at a time that’s before the park opens for the day because you’ll get the chance to take gorgeous pictures of Cinderella Castle with either no one or little other people in your photos (we had reservations at the Crystal Palace that day). After breakfast we just enjoyed the Magic Kingdom together riding all of our favorite rides and enjoying lunch at one of our newer favorites Be Our Guest. However, we didn’t stay for Wishes (GASP!) because my mom decided she had to see the Frozen fireworks before she left (there was NO protesting on my part!) so we headed back to Hollywood Studios to help keep our friend Olaf from melting.


Sunday, August 17th 2014

Twas the day before check-in and all through the… Ugh, sorry for my corniness! But really, Sunday was the day before my Disney College Program check in so we decided to just hang around and swim for a bit at the Pop Century before walking over to explore Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and have lunch there. It’s only about a 5 to 10 minute walk from the Pop Century because (fun fact) it’s actually across a small lake/pond in buildings that were once supposed to be the other half (Legendary Years 10s-40s) of the Pop Century Resort. (Learn more about that piece of Walt Disney World history by clicking here.) While I feel a little weird about having such differently themed resorts being close that they can be clearly seen from one another (seems unlike Disney to do that!) it didn’t stop me from absolutely falling in love with The Art of Animation Resort. The Art of Animation is just as beautiful and flawless as it looks in pictures. I neeeeeeeeed, not want, I repeat neeeeed to stay there… ASAP! I can’t wait to visit there soon with my DSLR camera to just completely geek out and take a ton of pictures. After exploring and having lunch we walked back to Pop Century to take pictures of different themes of the Classic Years decades (50s-90s) then we just relaxed in preparation for the crazy next day because after a long countdown my check-in day had FINALLY arrived!


That’s all for this post! I’m still trying to find time to catch everyone up on all my adventures here in Florida but I promise they’re coming! Until then, I hope you enjoy my little pre check-in report! As we say here at Disney…

Have a magical day!


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My Disney College Program timeline | DCP Fall 2014

My DCP timeline-1

February 8th 2014

Submitted online application &
completed web-based interview

February 9th 2014

Passed web-based interview &
scheduled phone interview

February 20th 2014

Completed phone interview
*Took approx. 25 minutes

March 4th 2014

Received ‘thank you for your interest’ e-mail
AKA was “pended”

March 14th 2014

Offered role – Merchandise
then accepted role, selected my program start date
& paid program fees ($300 at the time)


June 18th 2014

Received e-mail with information
regarding The Disney Look

July 3rd 2014

Received education opportunities e-mail
& Sign up for two classes:
1) Exploring Disney Heritage
2) Exploring Guest Service

July 18th 2014

Completed onboarding/new hire forms

August 8th 2014

Put roommate(s) & apartment requests into DORMS

August 18th 2014

Check-in to DCP at 8:30am

Thank you all so much for sticking with me throughout this longgg countdown! I’m all checked in and settled in so look out for tons of Walt Disney World and Disney College Program specific posts during the next 5 months! I’ll detail my first week of the program in another post within the next few days so be sure to check back for that but until then… Have a magical day!


Disclaimer: This blog is not a Walt Disney Company affiliate.
My thoughts and feelings do not represent those of the Walt Disney Company.

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